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Class 1, 3 and 5 Driver’s Licence Classes

Class 1 Licence

The Class 1 licence is the most comprehensive licence available in Alberta. It allows the driver to operate any motor vehicle other than a motorcycle.

With the comprehensive driver’s licence classes offered by AAA Point Driving School Ltd., you can receive professional preparation for your Class 1 tests. Our classes will cover everything from airbrakes to load adjustment. We also allow for flexibility, enabling you to focus on specific areas.

Class 3 Licence

This licence allows an individual to operate a single motor vehicle with 3 or more axles. It also allows the driver to tow a trailer that is not equipped with airbrakes.

Our dedicated classes can teach you what you need to know for your Class 3 tests. Remember that with a Class 3 licence, you can operate Class 2 and 4 type vehicles without any passengers.

Class 5 Licence

One of the most common licences issued in Alberta is the Class 5 licence which will allow a driver to operate a two axle, single motor vehicle, a recreational vehicle and a moped. You can also transport a trailer if it is not equipped with airbrakes.

The minimum learning age for the licence is 14 and the minimum licencing age is 16.

To gain adequate preparation for your Class 5 tests, you can take advantage of the informative and convenient courses provided by AAA Point Driving School Ltd. Contact us to schedule a class.

Recent changes to the Alberta Transportation for Class 1

If you completed your licensing between Oct 11, 2018 – Feb 29, 2019 you will need re-test for your licence.

- Written Test (Knowledge) 

- Road Test

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